A moment of sorrow…

Hello Everyone,

It has been a busy time for us since the tragedy that has impacted Japan. First with previous scheduled events during the time of the Earthquake and Tsunami, and now with impromptu but welcomed scheduled meetings and conference calls with organizations and artists about fund-raising efforts to help Japan overcome this unbelievable event. Today we are taking time to share some brief thoughts on the event and give a public thank you to everyone who has reached out to us to check on our entertainers, friends, and family in Japan.

While we are relieved to say that the Entertainers we know and work with (many that we do consider family) and direct family and friends of our Japanese staff are safe, we do have friends that are still looking for their loved ones and have been impacted greatly by this devastating event. We at Toramaru Entertainment and Pop Show Japan send all our prayers their way and to all of Japan and any family and friends of those living there and those that have been impacted.

We are also impressed at the amount of generosity, prayers and inquiries coming from all over the world. Many have inquired about our participation and we are proud to say that we will be involved in some upcoming fund-raising efforts with some very positive organizations that we plan to soon announce. In the mean time please give to your local Red Cross or contact local Government agencies to help the Japanese relief effort.

Again Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone impacted by this event and we thank everyone for throwing your own thoughts,  prayers, and support towards the people of Japan.

Pop Show Japan/ Toramaru Entertainment


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